Workshop 8 - Vegetable dyes

Like the Malians, learn the Bogolan technique to make patterns on fabric.

- A coffee filter
- A saucepan
- A paintbrush
- Fabric
- A basin
- Rusty nails
- White vinegar
- Leaves
- Water
- Starch
- Ash
- Soap
- Flour
1. Prepare the iron mordant several days in advance by soaking the rusty nails in vinegar.
2. Prepare a decoction of tannin-rich plants by boiling 15 grams of leaves per litre of water. Boil for 15 minutes.
3. Thicken the mordant with the starch or flour.
4. Use this paste as paint. Draw the patterns of your choice with the paintbrush. Dry the fabric.
5. Put ash in a coffee filter and pour hot water on top.
6. Soak the fabric in the ash solution. The patterns you drew turn a rusty colour. Rinse the fabric.
7. Dip the fabric for 15 minutes in the solution prepared with the tannin-rich leaves.
8. Wash the fabric with the soap and rinse.