Workshop 4 - Make your own paper

Budding ecologists, don’t throw wastepaper out anymore, recycle it !

- A basin of water
- Paper
- A frame
- A sieve
- A cloth
- A press
1. Fill the basin with water and add the paper to make a mixture. This mixture is called paper pulp.
2. Place the frame on the sieve. Be careful: they must be perfectly lined up.
3. Dip them into the basin. Start with the farthest edge and bring the assembly back towards you. Carefully lift up the pulp you have just collected.
4. Let drain. Remove the frame. The sheet formed is ready to be laid down.
5. Flip the sieve over onto a cloth, preferably felt. Each sheet must be separated from the others with a cloth. This is called coating.
6. Place the sheets under a press for 30 minutes.
7. Carefully remove the sheets from the felt cloths. Let dry for 12 hours. They are ready to be used.